Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It

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Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It
Rejie Ronquillo Before

Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It
Rejie Ronquillo After

I started last September of 2012. I used to weigh 338 pounds, the heaviest I have been. Now, in 2018, I maintain my weight at around 185 pounds. The most important factor [in my weight loss] is my outlook on life, diet, and consistent workout. My goal is to workout six times a week. I do cardio for 40 minutes and weight lifting for an hour. On weekends, I do long bicycle rides. I use the support of my family, friends, and the constant mental and physical challenges I want to conquer. I use the saying “that nothing is impossible,” because everything we dreamed of can be achieved. I also follow the fitness quote “sore today, strong tomorrow.” I love doing cardio, it challenges me mentally and physically. It’s also my basis on how far I’ve reached. I don’t starve myself and I always eat in between my major meals with a slice of fruit and drinking lots of water. I strictly follow a low sodium, sugar, and carbohydrate diet. Those are the main factors in succeeding my weight-loss program. 

Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It
Elena Pareja Before

Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It
Elena Pareja After

Ever since I was young, I always had a problem with my weight and I was insecure with my body. These are the normal struggles of a young woman. Last year, I turned 22 and I had made a commitment with my partner that we are going to pursue healthier lifestyles. I was very active when I was younger. I got exposed to different sports like badminton, boxing, and cycling. But as we all know, everyone goes through a “peer pressure” phase in their lives. I enjoyed partying and staying out all night as everyone does because it was fun. I made bad decisions, but no regrets. The choice we made last year was to try to work out as much as we can and eat healthier than before. It was not easy at all. I weighed around 175 pounds last January 2017 and my end goal was to drop to 120 pounds by January 2018. It was a goal that I had my mind focused on. Every day was a struggle to wake up early and go to the gym. I was not used to this type of lifestyle but with the support and help of my partner and my personal drive to change for the best I did it with no excuses. My diet consisted of whole foods, fruits and veggies, and a whole lot of infused water (lemon and cucumber). We also practiced intermittent fasting, which basically means we don’t eat for a set amount of hours —  16 hours of not eating and an 8-hour eating window to put in my macros and nutrients for my body. My exercises varied every day to lifting heavy and doing high intensity cardio. In addition, I exercised fasting (no meals before a workout) to maximize fat loss. I had proper supplementation to keep me strong and focused during workouts also my partner was there to support and guide me. The choice to change my lifestyle was the best decision I made. As Muhammad Ali said, “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.”

Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It
J.K. Sese Before

Amazing Weight-Loss Transformations And How They Did It
J.K. Sese After

Back in 2013, I tipped the scale at around 225 pounds. That wasn’t even my heaviest weight to date. It was  no surprise as I mostly spent my days sitting, studying, and drawing with a bowl of food on my right-hand side. The only exercise I would get was walking to the bus stop going to school. I had a lot of fit friends and to mask my insecurity, I would joke about having a set of rock hard abs.  They were encouraging but I was never serious about it until I came across the keto diet, the scary sounding high fat and low carb diet, while scrolling through Tumblr. It sounded challenging as the Filipino food culture revolves mostly around carbs and sweets, but I just gave it a go. Carbs and obvious sugars were the first one to go. I stopped consuming rice and sugar and just like that, I immediately lost a few pounds in the first week. In those days, I never felt hungry as the fat intake was increased and I consumed vegetables instead of any form of rice. I wanted to up my game by working out, but I was terrified of people watching me look stupid in the gym or using the home gym equipment in our balcony (where our neighbors could see you work out), so I tried searching for exercises that you can do at home and discovered body weight exercises. It’s just the usual push-ups, squats, and burpees, but I felt the burn. My brother had a bicycle, so I borrowed it at times when he’s not using it and that added cycling in my regimen, too.  In three months, I lost around 60 pounds. I stand around 5’6” and at that time I weighed 165 lbs. I’m still overweight, but I developed muscles and all my clothes are loose. Somehow, I overcame the fear of being seen working out so I added weight training and swimming too. At this point, I stopped obsessively weighing myself and focused on the great feeling I get when I eat good food and complete a challenging workout. The thing for me is, the restrictive ketogenic diet is not that sustainable in the long run. Now, four years later, I just take everything in moderation in food and in working out. Besides, overall health trumps aesthetics, any day.

Most of us have tried to shed off a couple of pounds and by now, all know that it isn’t the easiest task. Losing weight requires a 100 percent of your time and dedication. We often look at athletes or celebrities to find “fitspiration,” but it is somewhat unfair to compare our progress to people who have whole teams behind them, which include nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers, and more. These stories of amazing weight-loss transformations told by ordinary Filipinos will remind you that if they can do it, you can do it too.

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